The Grand Cabrios & Coupés by René Staud

4,744.00 ฿
The only true summer experience
Driving a convertible is pure summer. The car without a roof has always been a symbol of luxury and laissez faire. Even today, the following applies: Anyone who is self-respecting drives “topless”. The large convertibles with four seats in particular have always been in great demand, but were also difficult to construct and were therefore mostly based on coupés. Mercedes-Benz has always been considered a pioneer here. “Mercedes-Benz The Grand Cabrios & Coupés” is something of a manifesto of the long-standing collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and the Stuttgart photographer René Staud. Elaborately staged photos show sweeping curves and precision in every detail and thus the passion that nothing conveys as well as driving in a convertible.
304 pages | Format 29 x 37 cm in three languages ​​(D | E | CN)