Car Polish

Washing, cleaning, caring & sealing

Car polishes and compounds for scratch removal

Polishes to bring your car to a high gloss and remove scratches

Our Swissvax car polishes are not just effective for combating paint scratches; they also create a perfect, smooth paint foundation. Depending on the type of scratch removal—whether by hand or with a polishing machine—you can select from various polish intensities to achieve a like-new paint finish. Holograms, as well as cloudiness, can be eliminated. Swissvax Cleaner Fluid polishes are suitable for hand polishing or professional machine polishing.

The polishes are easy to apply; simply rub in with pressure, allowing the mixed-in micro-granules to wear down against each other, making the polish progressively finer. Thanks to the unique formulation of Swissvax car polishes and compounds, overly aggressive polishing is prevented.

Polishing your car yourself becomes enjoyable again. You will be amazed at how smooth and even car paint can be.