Black Beauties by René Staud

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Black is beautiful
Black is beautiful No doubt. Star photographer René Staud provides the ultimate proof. Fascinating images, which Jürgen Lewandowski, head of “Auto and Traffic” at the Süddeutsche Zeitung for over 20 years and author of more than 90 books on the subject, ideally complements with his texts. Further comments on the relevance of the “color” black come from Andrea Zagato (CEO Zagato), Gorden Wagener (head of design at Mercedes-Benz), Stephen Bayley (journalist and design critic), Dr. Andreas Kaufmann (Leica Camera), Lukas-Pierre Bessis, Mark Gutjahr, Konstantin Jacoby, Stefan Sielaff, Prof. Werner Sobek, David Storetz and Prof. Michael Ulbig

304 pages | Format 29 x 37 cm bilingual (D | E)